1. I am having a small party with less than 100 people. How large a musical group do I need?

   Ans.   It really depends on the customer. If you desire to have instrumental music, then Bob on solo keyboards will give you all the variety that you will need, without the added expense of hiring more musicians. 

 2. How do I decide between Instrumental music only or adding a vocalist?

  Ans.    It all depends on the type of party.  Many clients having  afternoon or evening parties, luncheons, dinners or receptions, as well as corporate  events  specifically request Instrumental only music. They find it easier for people to easily communicate with each other with instrumental music as the background.  If it is more of a party crowd that wants to be entertained and dance at some point in the party, then a vocalist or  two would be highly recommended. Our duo or trio consists of Keyboards, drums, bass and one or  two vocalists. 

3. Should I use the piano at the  Venue, or Bob's Keyboard setup?   

 Ans.    Many times the Client initially  wants to use the Acoustic Grand Piano that is at the venue  and then decides  to utilize Bob's Keyboard Setup instead.  Since we have performed at almost every venue in the Atlanta area, we know that the pianos at some  locations  are in excellent condition and we love to play them, but at  the same time, the pianos  in many locations are  in terrible shape and very " out of tune". While we agree that a Grand Piano is  Nice  looking,  we also feel  that the most important aspect of the musical entertainment should be the sound  that  the audience hears.  In addition, using the piano at the venue also limits the music to the acoustic piano sound only, versus the wide  variety of sounds and music styles Bob's  Keyboards produce.  Be sure and listen to our music samples on this site,  to hear just a small sample of  how Bob's Keyboards will sound at your event.   For more on this subject  please click here

3. If we have any special musical needs like for instance  music from the 50's or Jazz, or Easy Rock, or Broadway Show music, or swing, is that a problem?    

 Ans.     Bob Cardone has a repertoire of  thousands and thousands of songs, in almost very style of music. We can perform just about any style of music that the client or audience would like to hear. Our specialty is taking requests from the audience